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What to do with M*** or R** Hashes?

Where do you find them? I used the L** on one of the pages… I have used list after list, found some files… nothing too interesting.

Where do I go from here?! I tried use the instruction.pdf to login as user, no good :slight_smile:

When you find a hash, you can do two kind of thing.

Do we really have to download thunderbird to access some kind of an email or it’s a dead end ?

i don’t have user yet but i don’t think you need it tbh

the ssl certificate in a specific port has some interesting information

user was easy. root looked easy. but I can’t trigger the thing!

user was super easy, getting root seems to be broken. There was a specific file i was trying to open but it just doesnt work. I restarted the machine and now the file is missing…

Reading the instructions

I’ve authenticated against the mail service, but not sure how to convert that into a user foothold

Edit: NVM Got it!

I’m stuck, any help would be appreciated. To show I really tried, in private I can explain the steps I’ve done before asking for help :slight_smile:

i found some interesting stuff using L*** i have few options i think i can get the 2 Hashes from a certain file sd** but it asks for a password i have few hashes but not sure if i really need them can someone confirm please ?

Hey all, was wondering if I could get any advice on getting the first password/hash. I have a userlist, but now stuck on the next step. Bruteforcing hasn’t worked and now I’m looking around for another option. Any help is appreciated, whether it be a reply to this thread or a private message. Thanks!

Any nudges on root? I feel like im missing something simple.

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hello were you able to find a solution?

Rooted, really fun machine root was fun but buggy. I had to reset a couple times and I was doubting myself multiple times thinking I had the wrong path but the machine was just broken. Feel free to DM me with questions.


User is really easy but there is a very obvious rabbit hole that I fell into. Dont stick to one port, move on to the next more uncommon port.

Root - look at the programs installed. There is a program that is not common. Read the files/scripts located in that folder which will give you a little info on what to do.

Where I found the user:password to login in the webmail system?

I’d take a careful look at the mail client instructions page.