Root Jeeves

Found several hashes, no clue what to do next. Hints please.

If only there was a way to pass what you found somewhere.

im shleep

I dont quite understand what to do with what hash, do I have to decrypt the artifacts and pass the results or use one of the original artifacts to do the job?

I’m in the same boat. Found several hashes easily enough, but I’m not sure how to utilize them, or if I even have the one I need. Is there someone I can PM to discuss info more specifically? Not looking for spoilers, just want someone to bounce a couple quick questions off of. Thanks!

I have the same problem, I hate Windows systems. I’m really stacked here. I found some hashes and one file that maybe is a rabbit hole, I can’t encrypt or brute force this. Is there something who accept pm ?I don’t ask solution, just a hint and I would know if I’m in a rabbit hole with that file. I feel lost after 4 days on the same machines.Thank you guys

if you find one hash among other non-hashes in one file, it will be pretty straightforward what to do. I am just passing that on as a hint.