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every url I provide leads to a blank pdf, is that normal ? even a simple directory hosted with python still gives me a blank pdf

No, you should be able to host a simple file yourself and have it converted to a pdf. All web URLs will fail since the box doesn’t have internet access, but I just hosted a directory with an index.html file in it gave the application and it worked.

best hint i could give for this challenge:
always check the indentation/formatting of every code you copy from the internet. depending of how bad it is formatted the compiler won’t execute it.


  • Problem: I hosted a python -m http.server on my attacking machine and could not get something else than a blank pdf
  • Explanation: my openvpn instance was running on my host machine (outside my attacking vm) and my attacker machine was in NAT mode.
  • Solution: if you’re running a vm, make sure that your openvpn instance is running ON your vm (I assume that using the bridge mode on the attacker vm would also work…)

I has finished the box. But I just find only one way to get a reverse shell. Could you tell me your methods? THANK YOU!!!