Official Precious Discussion

Some unsafe characters will break the payload. Try with the browser, or encode it with proper

I tried via the precious.htb page (skipped burp) and I tried encoding it but nothing… It’s kind of annoying

Just completed my second machine, this one was much easier because I already knew the first steps, and the script I made for Photobomb helped me a lot to enumerate everything in the beggining

I forgot to say in the other post, but I didn’t use Burp, in neither one of the machines

If anyone is desiring to have some help, you surely can send me a message, R is always here :heart:

Root is killin’ me.

/usr/lib/ruby/2.7.0/psych.rb:456:in `parse’: (): mapping values are not allowed in this context at line 3 column 7 (Psych::SyntaxError)