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whats going on with machine? it’s offline and there are no available machines

how player GOT FIRST BLOOD if machine is offline???

Now only players from Team AlphaPwners can upload the user’s flag. This is a dirty teamplay with a flag leaking.

Release Arena was temporarily shutdown to resolve a bug that was only affecting RA boxes. VIP/VIP+ instances were still functioning. Last I heard, the issues in RA had been resolved and you should now be able launch the machine there.

I have VIP+ account and had the errors that I described above. It’s not fair

It’s dead. Again.

Amazing journey.
The root need a little twist from what you can find with a lot of searching.

Man, people gotta remember to clean up after themselves. Got root because someone added an account to local admins. Grrr time to find the right way

I got three users s**_t , ca and dt and found some strings in a binary file only readable by d**t. Unfortunately I still cannot access the services from the binary. Can someone give me a nudge?

If you’ve found a binary that’s running, how can you interact with it? Talking to the binary shouldn’t be difficult, but getting it to do what you want might be.

Not easy, but an interesting machine to learn. Thank you, @Revolt !

FOOTHOLD : many distractions, but a classic vulnerability on that type of server platform. No Kali tools to find it, but some information on internet.

USER : check ports and services, search for vulnerabilities and encode at prompt.

ROOT : once you get the user for privesc, there is a binary. I’m trying to reverse the encrypting instructions and I didn’t find the right way yet…

Unfortunately, there is no direct connection to machine until last part. You need to tunnel and keep it. It’s the most challenging part.

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I’ve been working on this box for the last week now. It’s my first Hard box. So much to learn still, and have been enjoying the challenge. HOWEVER, these’s some serious connection issues. Once I have shell, the moment i run a simple command to navigate directories or whatever, the shell connections dies. i’ll ping the box and no response. i’ve tried changing servers and regions. i’m not sure what else i can do at this point. was hoping to have owned it before it retires. 40 points is 40 points lol plus i’d like to learn what the box has to offer.

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