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Just rooted this box. User was very easy, getting root was closer to medium difficulty and very fun though (and required quite a few steps and some creative thinking)! :smile:
Kudos to the author for another great box!


New to hack the box , but when clicking open beta seasons tab, i am presented with Agile machine and it says open, with IP adress not visible. Then it has stop machine and reset machine but when i click on those options, it says i am not the owner or authorized to do so? am i doing this correct?

Oh how much delayed I could start this one, but it was awesomely fun to solve it while listening to hard rock, and even more to eagerly turn on my computer to start hacking it, I don’t know if it was just the moment’s euphoria, but one of the funniest I solved until now

For anyone coming, yes, there are multiple ways to progress, and personally I recommend trying each one so you can learn more from it than you would from just one of them

And absolutely, if you ever end getting stuck, just send me a message, R is always here :heart:


How do I stop the machine to reset the machine? There is no button to stop the machine.

bro i am stuck with login page please help me with that

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any hints? can tell what i have done so far via pm

Underneath the Ip Adress of the Machine there Is a red Button with the text ‘Stop Machine’

actually there is a bug in the UI I guess, its not showing up, ended up starting and stopping other machines to stop the seasonal one. Still had problem of time out when connecting to the machine, so I sent POST request to /api/v4/vm/reset with json payload {"machine_id": 532} to reset the machine. Due to the bug there is no place to submit the flags too, so I used POST /api/v4/machine/own and payload of {"flag":"flag_will_here","id":532,"difficulty":30}

The machine’s page doesn’t have the input box for the flag indeed, you have to go to the Open Beta Season’s page and submit your flag from there.
Here’s the link for anyone getting lost in the new UI :

i need a hint which is to be foothold for me please give a proper hint but i am stuck with the login page

I will soon send you a reply, I just need some time to answer all the messages, I needed to sleep a little bit after completing this machine :heart:

Wow i freaking LOVED that box. That was probably one of the most fun boxes i’ve ever done. Foothold and user were pretty straightforward but root was a wild ride… 10/10

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Not a bad machine, for anyone stuck feel free to drop me a PM.


Hi ! I can’t spawn the machine. It says “There are no available machines currently”

I will send you a PM

I guess you will need to wait :sweat_smile:

Wow, I think I’ve done some things there in an unintended way

please PM a hint

Absolutely, I sent you message related to the topic :heart: