Multimaster write-up by limbernie

It’s my first time writing a sqlmap tamper script. And what a plot twist them KECCAK hashes!

@limbernie . The wonderful thing I ever liked/learned from your write-ups is the classic Bash Script. Your writing skill is also awesome.

Thanks for sharing. I’m learning every week a unique thing from your write-up. :slight_smile:

Fantastic writeup

I love this write up @limbernie . As always you’ve explained insane concepts with a simple approach.

I also really love that (as always) you’ve taught me loads! I never thought to script things the way you did and ended up with lots of tedious manual activity.

Thank you for sharing.

Awesome work @limbernie

@limbernie that’s almost assuredly the best MM diary that will ever be written.
everything you did was succinct and beautiful.
thank you for taking the time to transcribe this.