MultiMaster Write-Up by Gunroot

Sorry for the delay. I was only able to spend 1 hrs a day writing the below writeup because of my dry life-saving work. Hope you all enjoy this beautifully designed AD environment Windows machine.

Reading time: 5 mins.
Please provide your feedback. That’s all I need. :slight_smile:
Regards, Gunroot from India.

A fantastic write up - again. Thanks for sharing.

You had a much more thorough approach - on the early steps I quickly gave up on trying to do it manually and used Sqlmap instead :smile:

Dont misunderstand me when I say I am pleased the AD bit took you a week! It nearly broke me. I spend easily that much time trying to find articles and hints etc.

This was definitely a box where getting user was like conquering the world.

I like your breakdown of the VSCode attack. It never occurred to me during the time I was on the box to try different approaches. I might have to go back and see if I can recreate them one day. I just spent a lot of time in a fight with port forwarding…

@TazWake thanks for your feedback. I’m glad that you enjoyed the write-up.
Good luck buddy ?

Great writeup, cheers again gunroot.
Same here re: VS Code approach, might have to step through that part again!

Thanks Tom for your feedback. I’m appreciated ??.