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Official discussion thread for Manager. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

A Windows box. Happy hacking everyone and have fun :yum:


Have fun

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So this box has AD in it or nah? must start tomorrow happy hacking to everyone

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Fun box. Classic AD stuffs. Pretty straightforward. Not too easy but not too-hard medium. GJ Geiseric!

Time to refresh those skills regarding AD swiss army knives toolbox.

Here again is more like information disclosure for foothold. Pay attention looking around. Rooting, refer to the hacktricks textbook as always. Once you got your foot in, check where could be the misconfiguration, what is vulnerable, and what you can do. Based on that you can choose your attack vector. And if your commands aren’t working but you feel they should, try again, but do them faster. Don’t fall asleep between those steps or the box will revert your changes. :sleeping: :zzz:


It appears so. I managed to dump the users. No hash / password yet though.

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Is this box being reset all the time or is this intended behavior?

Edit: Nevermind, solved it migrating to competitive vpn

Mm-hmm. I got one user and one hash, but I still haven’t gotten inside. This box is quite tough.

mssqlclient returns SSL routines No protocols available.
Anyone else got this prob?

Someone on Discord said the same thing (you?) I would try rebooting.

Could anyone give a little hint? I’m stuck with a list of usernames

you’ve got a user list? then you’ve got everything you need :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use sqsh instead

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User was fun, getting root is the same typical annoying stuff

it’s just AD? or i’m missing some informations?

What is AD?

What u mean ?

Active Directory

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hello, Stuck getting mssql password DM please!