Bankrobber writeup - by Padraignix

XSS, chaining, port forwarding, buffer overflow - what’s not to love.

Mate, Nice writeup!
Wanted to let you know that I find your style of writing interesting and you have just got yourself a follower! :slight_smile:

Great write up, enjoyed reading it and learned a few things. Thanks

Glad to hear you both enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback!

very good

Love your write-up. It’s very well written. Reads like a story.

@limbernie - I really appreciate the comment. When I first started your writeups were some of the first ones I read and definitely contributed to starting this process myself. Glad to be able to add my own “story” like spin to the journey :smile:

Very nice writeup @padraignix -
I will apply your writeup to my attempt on this machine :slight_smile:
Yours and @limbernie are my go to place for write-ups since it is easy to read and very structured.
Keep up the good work :slight_smile: