Monk3y Security - Open Community Recruitment

Monk3y Security - Open Community Invites

It’s me again, but changing things up a bit!

My name is PrivacyMonk3y and I’m the team captain of Monk3y Security.

We’ve moved our HTB focused team into a community over the past few months. This includes multiple platforms, a CTF team, and sections to help educate new members and ourselves! We welcome everyone to join us who wants to be active and learn more about this massive industry/craft!

Myself and others are driven to learn more but also return what the community has given to us. It’s a cycle :wink:

Who we are

Monk3y Security has a wide skill-set and knowledge pool.
Pal3BlueD0t and myself started this about 1.5 years ago now. We met here actually. Randomly threw this together and it’s been growing/evolving steady since.

We have people from all over the globe, all walks of life. People in the industry, those trying, and those who just really enjoy learning this stuff. We have our HTB team, a CTF team and are looking to continue to grow.

We also have sub groups for people doing OSCP, Comptia Courses and such. Come study with us!
Don’t know much? Consider yourself a noob?
Don’t worry we all started some place come learn with us… just be respectful please :wink:


[ Community ]

The community is open. The only requirements are to follow the Discord guidelines, don't be a douche, annoying, and no cheating. This is a place to learn, not a place to come to get answers or hand me outs. If you want that go some other place we will ban you. :angry: :lol:

After we vet you here to make sure you’ll be a valuable member to our Private community we will talk with you and promote you. This opens up more of the discord and also the options to join our teams.

[ HTB/CTF Teams]


We require activity. This should just be a given. We take our team serious and want to advance.
We value our reputation.

We do and will make exceptions for RL or school requirements so long as you communicate

Hungry to learn

We don’t just own boxes. We want to learn why it worked and how to use it in the future.We want our team to think outside the box and be creative. Members who do well here should consider joining the CTF team.


Members on the HTB team are required to hold Hacker+ but that doesn’t mean we won’t invite a script kiddy to the team chat to help develop those interested. Most of us love to teach and share. Give back to the community. Don’t be afraid to hit us up we welcome all skill levels. Sometimes you might be the one teaching us something!

Discord account

This is our primary way to communicate. Like I said above we have a few groups depending on the members needs.

Interested in joining us?

Jump in Discord! and @recruiter to get our attention!

Thank you and root on!