Team R41D3rS - Open Community & Team Recruitment!

Team R41D3rS - Open Recruitment and Community Invites

![drawing](upload://pY51kCGTt3uACI1I9tHZCz3ZxqM.jpeg) It's me again, and yup another recruitment post! Yippy :tongue:

My name is PrivacyMonk3y and I’m the captain of
Hacking Team R41D3rS.

Opening this up and including the invite link to discord. I’ve been getting asked a lot recently so figured why not :wink:

R41D3rS host a wide skill-set. Some are info-sec professionals, programmers, and those of us who are just curious and hungry for the hack/hunt!

You should join us if you’re interested in learning more. We do more than just HTB. Most of us are on multi-platforms. TryHackMe, Proving Grounds, Pentesters lab. List goes on.

We also have sub groups for people doing OSCP, Comptia Courses and such. Come study with us!

Don’t know much? Consider yourself a noob? Don’t worry we all started some place come learn with us… just be respectful please :wink:


[ Community ]

The community is open. The only requirements are to follow the Discord guidelines, don’t be a douche, annoying, and no cheating. This is a place to learn, not a place to come to get answers or hand me outs. If you want that go some other place we will ban you. :angry: :lol:

[ HTB Official Team ]


If you’re not active in chat or working with the team to improve you’ll be removed. At minimum members on the HTB team should complete two boxes a month.

We do and will make exceptions for RL or school requirements so long as you communicate

Hungry to learn

We don’t just own boxes. We want to learn why it worked and how to use it in the future.We want our team to think outside the box and be creative. Members who do well here should consider helping us build our CTF team.


Members on the HTB team are required to hold Hacker+ but that doesn’t mean we won’t invite a script kiddy to the team chat to help develop those interested. Don’t be afraid to hit us up we welcome all skill levels. Sometimes you might be the one teaching us something!

Discord account

This is our primary way to communicate. Like I said above we have a few groups depending on the members needs.

Interested in joining us?

Jump in Discord!

Thank you and root on!

Thanks for letting me join, its much more fast moving and information dense than these forums.


Sounds so serious for a team… with all those requirements and all that haha

we welcome everyone like @PrivacyMonk3y say’s
so what you waiting for

@yurivich said:
Sounds so serious for a team… with all those requirements and all that haha

when you see people sending a lot of dm’s cause they cant figure out foothold you will know
besides that we just want to learn not to have a good rank or something else so those requirements just for avoiding the “please tell me what i do next ?” questions

any way you are welcome to join us and you will discover the team more

thanks :smile:

Type your comment> @yurivich said:

Sounds so serious for a team… with all those requirements and all that haha

The only section that is more serious on the requirements is the actual team.
We are striving to be a top tier team and to do that we are looking for serious people.
Those are pretty light requirements in all honesty, it’s just making sure you’re active and helping us build the team.

The community is open and the requirements are pretty much the same as you would expect in any community. No cheating, don’t cry for hand outs all day long.

Nothing major.

:slight_smile: Pick your own path.


I would like to join the Team if that’s ok.

I tried using the Discord link from in here, but it looks like it has " expired " :frowning: