Team R41D3rS - Open Recruitment + community invites

Team R41D3rS - Open Recruitment

![drawing](upload://pY51kCGTt3uACI1I9tHZCz3ZxqM.jpeg) Hey HTB community! My name is **[PrivacyMonk3y](** and I'm one of the leaders of [**Team R41D3rS**]( We're an actively growing hacking community. We've also got a HTB team. We recruit from our community for the HTB Team but all are welcome to join our community. We're building and creating content on our team repo & website (hoping to go public at the start of the year) and continually trying to improve the team and each other.

We’re very active on our Discord. As a lot of us have or are taking OSCP we have a group for that and will create more certification groups as needed.

R41D3rS members have a wide skill-set. Some are info-sec professionals, programmers, and those of us who are just curious and hungry for the hack/hunt! We’re all learning and developing together, you should come grow with us!


[ Community ]

The community is open. The only requirements are to follow the Discord guidelines, don’t be a douche, and no cheating. This is a place to learn, not a place to come to get answers and hand me outs. If you want that go some other place we will ban you.

[ HTB Official Team ]


If you’re not active in chat or working with the team to improve you’ll be removed. At minimum members on the HTB team should complete two boxes a month.

We do and will make exceptions for RL or school requirements so long as you communicate

Hungry to learn

We don’t just own boxes. We want to learn why it worked and how to use it in the future.We want our team to think outside the box and be creative. Members who do well here should consider helping us build our CTF team.


Members on the HTB team are required to hold Hacker+ but that doesn’t mean we won’t invite a script kiddy to the team chat to help develop those interested. Don’t be afraid to hit us up we welcome all skill levels. Sometimes you might be the one teaching us something!

Discord account

This is our primary way to communicate. Like I said above we have a few groups depending on the members needs.

Interested in joining us?

On Discord Message:

CaptainZ3r0#9386 or R3k7#8011

They will respond to you asap and send a invite link as needed.

Thank you and root on!

Hey tried to contact you but couldn’t I’m script kiddi would like to join your team

Did you reach out to captain or r3k7 on discord?