Team R41D3rS Recruiting

Team R41D3rS LFM

Hey HTB community! My name is **[PrivacyMonk3y](** and I'm one of the leaders of [**Team R41D3rS**]( We've changed our goals and have decided to open up recruitment once again. We're transitioning our team into a community. Branching out into various areas such as a CTF team or other teams, special teams, and whatever else we have the resources to do.

We’re very active on our Telegram groups. We have multiple depending on your goals. As a lot of us have or are taking OSCP we have a group for that. As the community grows we will expand to more platforms. Contributing members will also be making guides and other resources for the team shared via our repos.

R41D3rS host a wide skill-set. Some are info-sec professionals, programmers, and those of us who are just curious and hungry for the hack/hunt! We’re all learning and developing together, you should come grow with us!



If you’re not active in chat or working with the team to improve you’ll be removed. At minimum members on the HTB team should complete two boxes a month.

We do and will make exceptions for RL or school requirements so long as you communicate

Hungry to learn

We don’t just own boxes. We want to learn why it worked and how to use it in the future.We want our team to think outside the box and be creative. Members who do well here should consider helping us build our CTF team.


Members on the HTB team are required to hold Hacker+ but that doesn’t mean we won’t invite a script kiddy to the team chat to help develop those interested. Don’t be afraid to hit us up we welcome all skill levels. Sometimes you might be the one teaching us something!

Telegram account

This is our main way to communicate. Like I said above we have a few groups depending on the members needs. Make sure you check over the security settings as Telegram starts off being a bit wonky out of the box!

Interested in joining us?

Message: PrivacyMonk3y or PaleBlueDot
We will review your profile and reach out asap.

Thank you and root on!

If you msg me please do so on HTB and not forums msg. I check HTB more than the forums.


Hit me up don’t be scurd!

Feel free to contact me to chat about questions or concerns.

Got some great new members last week, bumping this back up to get some more!

Reach out and ask any questions you might have :slight_smile:


my rank here is elite hacker can i join your team ?

:slight_smile: I’ll message you soon

If you are interested feel free to msg me on discord: Pal3BlueD0t#0299

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