Recruitment for battlegrounds and overall CTF competitions (on and off platform)

greetings hack fam! Ive seen other posts regarding teams and recruitment, figured I’d giveit a try. I started a new team " strataGEM" . I would like to use the platform and the team set up to build a small group of enthusiasts that will target certain machines upon release as a team in an organized effort. Battlegrounds as well. I would love to be able to be a part of a team that live chats as we hack and attack boxes with assigned roles according to our strengths and weaknesses. I do not care about current skill level for the most part however if you find yourself wanting to ask… “whats the first step to becoming a hacker” … keep learning my friend, the journey itself is a beautiful thing.
More than anything I would like to create a safe competitive space for like minded enthusiasts and make some alliances in the hacking world.
Hope to hear from some of you! If there is a team that functions in the way that I havae described and would like to possibly take on a new member id be down for that as well.

How has this not been seen yet? I’m in. I’m pretty new but learning quickly. Been doing this and tryhackme for several months now. I have a pretty busy work week but I’d love to do stuff like this to learn faster.

Hit me up on DMs if you’re interested.