I want to learn hacking, someone can help me?

Hello, I am new to this hacking and I would like to learn many things but I don’t know how to start, if someone could invest even a little of their time to teach me something I would be eternally grateful. Thank you!

start some challenges on root-me, watch ippsec videos, start easy boxes on htb and vulnhub, you can also make some excercises on tryhackme
Be curious, read, learn linux commands, bash scripting and some python

There are a lot of ways you can learn about hacking. If you have no prior knowledge maybe start here: https://www.hacker101.com/

There’s also a nice course on Udemy by ‘The Cyber Mentor’. Or his Youtube channel for that matter.

Start doing VM"s from vulnhub or easy boxes here as soon as possible. Watch IppSec.
Good luck