Hello I’m complitly new in pentesting, hacking and everything. I’m looking for help, I want to learn the basics and start building up from there. If someone could giveme some advice, links for tutorials or recomendations of what I can read to start, it would be very nice.


PS: Sorry my bad grammar I really dont speak English.

PS 2: I have already Kali Linux and I know the very basics of linux

Honestly, I’d just start by picking an easy machine and walking through the process of learning about the machine, what software is running, what might be vulnerable, etc. Once you learn about it, Google is your friend. Start researching exploits and attack techniques.

If you know the basics of Kali and Linux that is good but you should probably know some basic tools and how to use them and how they work. YouTube videos can provide you with some good ideas.

It’s not easy but it’s not supposed to be. Just keep at it and you’ll start to see progress.

watch ippsec videos on youtube