Beginner to Start the Hack the Box Skill.

Hi All,
I am New Here.
I really want to Start my Career in Hacking and Pen-Testing.
Bt I am Stuck here,
Where I can Start ?
What More Skill Required ?
What basic required?
how to Start Hack the Box Learning ? (From 0 to Hero…! )

Please Help me …

Thanks n Regards …

Happy Hacking… :slight_smile:

you should learn a lot ,be familiar with windows and linux system,web,be able to read code and write , you also need to learn web ,get knowledge from owasp top 10, and then you need to learn how to use basic tools in kali,such as nmap ,sqlmap ,burpsuit and so on

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watch ippsec videos on youtube

Learn stuffs:

  1. Back-end knowledge: scripting, Linux, windows, bla bla, basic networking (OSI / TCP - IP layer). So many things to learn.
  2. Understand what to do, what need to do. I suggest Kali Linux 2 - Assuring Security by Penetration Testing, 3rd Edition. Don’t learn how to use tools, learn what do you need to do, and you will know tool to do it.
  3. Practice: If you have a good system, download vuln hub machine and do some practice, follow steps in the book. You can use cherry tree for taking note. This tool is awesome.
  4. Do easy boxes first: bashed, nibbles, poison are my list for beginner. bashed and nibbles is retiring but there would be other easy boxes too.
    Learning from PWK is good too.
    Sorry for my bad English. That was my experience. There are so many pro in HTB community, and i think we can learn from them so much.
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Thank you so much all…
thanks @m1chaelsh1

thanks @peek Im Started watching …

thanks @dmknght .


Honestly I started HackTheBox as a complete novice with most of my IT experience using Windows, I had limited knowledge of some basic sql injections, php and javascript. One thing I’ve came to understand and is generally accepted by most people, Your ability as a hacker is only limited to your willingness to learn. Thanks to the beauty of the internet nearly everything you need to learn is out there somewhere available for you to read or watch. Although I advise dont hail mary the boxes with metasploit modules as it will mostly result in you hating the work, recon and footprinting can give you everything you need so you know what to look up.

Also dont be afraid to check the forums, there’s alot of people here willing to give you a nudge in the right direction into what you should be looking to read up on.

Excelent Box!!! It taught me little tricks to apply in real world.

Don’t over think the initial payload like I was. And remember, the version about architecture is important to scalate