How to start here?

Hello guys,

I am a newbie in the infosec and want to start learning and building my career. I have recently got my Security+ cert. Now want to learn something about CTFs and then go on to do OSCP. Someone asked me to try HTB, so i am here. I feel like I need some step-by-step tutorials to start with. Can someone please point to any resources (including VMs) here that I can use to start my learning experience.


Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

@ippsec has an excellent curated series of walkthroughs of retired Hack the Box machines on YouTube, categorised by operating system and difficulty rating.

You can find the playlists here:

If you are looking to pursue the OSCP, this playlist contains a list of similar machines to help you get a feel of the types of machines you can expect in the lab environment:

As for VMs, you can check out similar VulnHub machines: abatchy's blog | OSCP-like Vulnhub VMs

Hope that helps. Happy hacking and learning!

Thanks a lot.