HTB Academy - Windows Fundamentals Module - NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT when using smbclient

Hi All, I am pretty new to windows operating system, i was trying to complete Windows Fundamentals from HTB academy. There is a section which discusses about NTFS vs Share Permissions, as part of that there is an exercise which requires us to make an smbclient connection from PwnBox to target windows computer. However it fails with the following error. smbclient -L -U htb-student do_connect: Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT) This is what i have tried:- I failed adding a windows defender firewall inbound rule and thought the firewall may be blocking the connection, i went ahead and turned off the windows firewall defender completely, but still faced the same issue. some threads on stackover flow suggested to add this line in /etc/samba/smb.conf client min protocol = NT1 I tried but failed. And the last thing i tried was add an entry in /etc/hosts file as someone were suggesting its a DNS resolution problem. This also didn’t work. Can someone pls guide me, i want to make a successful smbclient connection and i must be able to access a SHARE that i have created on the windows target system. I am happy if i get some hints ?


You need to either have the right inbound FW rule or simply turn off the PUBLIC FW

Just download VMWare Workstation or Virtual box, get Parrot or Kali and enjoy the HTB platform. WINDOWS :ok_hand: :point_left: :-1: :-1:t6: :-1:!!!

PS. Did you connect the machine with openVPN ?!