PSA: Fix to SMBv1 smbclient issues

Just a quick PSA so you all don’t go through the same headaches I just did.

Looks like Samba has turned of SMBv1 support as of September of last year. That means that if you’re trying to hit a box that is running SMBv1 (like HTB ‘Lame’) and want to use SMBClient, it’ll fail to connect.

The solution is to add the following to the end of your command

–option=‘client min protocol=NT1’

like this

smbclient //10.10.10.x/ --option=‘client min protocol=NT1’.

You can also add the following to /etc/samba/smb.conf under the [global] section:

client min protocol = NT1

That’s allow smbclient to work against SMBv1 shares.

If you want to read further here’s the advisory from the Samba site: Samba 4.11.0 - Release Notes


Awesome, thanks a lot.
I kept getting the error: protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED


As of 2021-11-27 smbclient just freezes (with that option enabled). Version 4.14.7