How to load the machine's web site via IP in browser

Hello, guys, why is it impossible to load the machine’s web site, just typing its IP (for example, in the browser search? I have seen on YouTube, how people easily do it in their videos, why cant I do it?

I don’t think it’s impossible. If so, I would do the impossible every day.

Are you able to ping the machine?

I think it’s because the browser uses port 443 by default. If the machine/IP isn’t listening on this port, you won’t get a result

Could be. Firefox as far as I know uses port 80 by default.
Anyway, just type “” or even use the explicit “” if you want to be redundant.

If you type an IP into the browser, it will default to HTTP on port 80. You can override this by either specifying the protocol (http://IP or https://IP) or you can put :PORT appended to the IP (so like So for instance if you have an SSL (HTTPS) enabled web server running on host port 8081, you would use

Also, most web servers (Apache, Nginx, IIS, etc) allow for what’s known as virtual hosts, where they may or may not respond to the actual IP, but rather you would need to use the DNS hostname such as www.sample.htb. This is because the same server can be hosting multiple sites virtually, so www.sample.htb and secret.sample.htb are separate sites, but on the same machine; if you just go to the IP, it will not know which one to give you.

Also, I don’t know if that IP is an actual target here or not, it was an example only.

thank you all, guys, it seems, that it was kinda laggy machine, i ve tried to load a couple of other boxes and it worked.