Can only connect to machines in terminal but not over browser

I’m able to ping and scan the machines just fine but I’m unable to connect to them in my browser (Firefox in a Kali VM). This problem just popped up out of nowhere yesterday. I deleted and re-installed the Kali VM but the problem has persisted.

After running traceroute, it appears that the problem is that the browser isn’t routing traffic over openvpn. I’ve tried a few different methods to force traffic over openvpn including changing the routing table and editing resolv.conf in the /etc folder. Those changes didn’t work and left me being unable to connect to any website.

Anyone else run into this problem or have any ideas of how to fix it? Thanks!

You can check the proxy settings of the Firefox browser. It should be “No Proxy”, this is the default.

See Firefox support: connection settings

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m still getting the unable to connect error.

But luckily this is only happening with some of the machines so maybe the error isn’t on my end. The machines that I’m unable to connect to in my browser are Unified and Lame.

If only specific machines are affected, then the cause could be in the configurations of the machines. The hurdles in establishing the connection could be part of the challenge.

There are different diagnostic tools. Firefox has a network monitor. See MDN Web Docs, Firefox Developer Tools, Network Monitor

A area were to look is the name to address resolution. The standard DNS mechanism may not work. Finding a working name-address mapping could be part of the game.

The command line tool curl has a lot of options. The --verbose or `-v’ option shows more information. See. man curl.

Another big tool with GUI, used from a lot of people, is burp.

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