Issues Accessing IP Addresses / Router / SSH in Browser

I have a problem where both my PC and virtual linux machines will not load an IP address in browser. I am using Firefox and Firefox ESR. BUT…on rooted Android and Mac on the same network, IP addresses load immediately.

This is causing a lot of problems for me as I am trying to run BurpSuite (working), but cannot run on IP’s associated with VPN for challenges. VPN is running fine.

Any suggestions?

I am getting pretty frustrated after days and past nightmares accessing pi and arduino devices in the past. I can access my own router … Thanks

What is the output of connecting to the HTB VPN? Can you verify you are in fact connected to the VPN by running ifconfig tun0 or ip a show tun0 and what’s the output? If you traceroute the IP, what’s the output?

You say your PC cannot access the IP either. If you are running a hypervisor, this would make sense due to the fact the openvpn would probably be running on the guest VM (Kali, Parrot, whatever), not the host system.

Hmm, that sounds pretty awkward, though. I have never experienced anything similar. I do not think there is anything to do with the VPN or the codes running it. Only if you are not running it as a host system. However, I do not think it could be the real reason.