How to create cloud lab similar to Pwnbox?


I am curious how I can run the setup similar to Pwnbox in the cloud.
I have an AWS instance with Kali but what is the best solution for VNC/virtual desktop implementation? My current setup is very slow compare to Pwnbox

There are several options. but first you need to tell us what you are using currently?

Options are like following

xrdp (requires a remote desktop client)
noVNC (web client use your browser) ( web client use your browser )
GitHub - InstantWebP2P/peer-vnc: Secure Access VNC from anywhere ( webclient use your browser)

Thank you very much for the options and links, they are definitely useful.
At the moment I use tightVNC server and VNC Connect client but not very happy about the mix. I will evaluate another possibilities.

Consider switching to a lightweight desktop environment like XFCE or LXDE, which can run more efficiently on cloud instances compared to heavier options like GNOME.For implementing VNC or a virtual desktop, try using TightVNC or TigerVNC instead of the default options, as they often offer better responsiveness and lower resource usage. Setting up a secure VNC connection over SSH can also improve performance and security.If you’re still exploring ways to optimize your setup, I recently came across a method on how to migrate from Sage 100, which might provide insights applicable to configuring and enhancing cloud environments. You can find more details at