Problems with RDP connectivity

Hello, since I couple of days, I am having severe problems connecting to windows boxes on Academy using Remote Desktop Protocol. The problem started during the Windows Privilege Escalation Module and is also happening with “Shells and Payloads”.

I have tried the 3 major RDP clients, rdesktop xfreerdp & reminna. VPN connection was renewed and resetted a couple of times.

However, these problems are also occurring inside the Parrot-pwnbox, it is therefore not related to my local Kali installation. Is anyone here who is currently having similar issues?

I am again stuck with exactly the same problem in module “Active Directory Enumeration and Attacks”.
I cannot RDP into the MS01 box, the given credentials are refused. The problem is independent of using my personal Kali Machine or HTB Pwnbox.

HTB support suggested to renew my VPN connection which of course did not improve anything. I am stuck with this situation for almost one week. Any idea what could be the issue here?