HTB Academy - Internal Password Spraying - from Windows

I am not able to perform what is asked in this task. Can’t RDP. xfreerdp opens a window that stays all black. rdesktop says the credentials are wrong. I am able to evil-winrm but DomainPasswordSpray tool just freezes after [*] Setting a minute wait in between sprays.

Anyone else experienced this?

I’ve had the same issue. It was resolved after I switched my academy VPN connection to another server.

For anyone else who may be having this issue while using the provided in-browser pwnbox, try running the xfreerdp command from the smaller view of the pwnbox you see within the lecture page, and, once the RDP connection is established and you can see the desktop of the windows remote machine, then swap to the “full screen” view.
I spent waaaay too much time trying different servers and kept getting a black screen. Based on the view of the Windows machine I was finally able to see, the rdp connection may (and again this is just an assumption) have some issue adjusting the graphics to the larger window of the xfreerdp app available when used on the “full screen” view; by opening it in the smaller view, you provide xfreerdp with a smaller available canvas and the connection finally opens up correctly. This assumption is based on the much smaller-than-usual view of the Windows machine I received once connected successfully

I made the connection with evil-winrm, launched spray correctly and it failed.

I connected with xfreerdp, did THE SAME STEPS and it worked in seconds.

When I launched it from my connection with evil-winrm I found this message.

[*] Created a userlist containing 0 users gathered from the current user’s domain

Once executed from xfreerdp it already returned the correct thing

[*] Created a userlist containing 2940 users gathered from the current user’s domain

I don’t understand why this happens.