HTB Academy > Windows Privilege Escalation > DnsAdmins

I’m stuck completing the question for this because I’m unable to log into the server for this.
Everything on this section (and the question itself) seems to indicate I should be logging into the DNS server but I’m getting username or password incorrect. I’ve also tried logging in as a domain user but it is saying the domain isn’t available.
I was unable to launch it yesterday at all but not sure if that has anything to do with it.

You should be able to log into the target instance over RDP with netadm for the username and HTB_@cademy_stdnt! for the password once it has started up. I’d give it a minute or two after starting it before attempting to login.

Thanks. The problem I’m getting is it doesn’t seem to like the username and password. I’ve waited a decent 30 mins and it hasn’t made a difference.
For example with:
xfreerdp /u:"netadm" /p:"HTB_@cademy_stdnt!" /v:<targetip>
I get the below:
PNEGO received NTSTATUS: STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE [0xC000006D] from server
Or on rdesktop I get:
The user name or password is incorrect. Try again
Seems to be only this question so far I’ve had the issue with.

Edit: Looks like I’m having the same issue with the host for “Server Operators” which is also using “WINLPE-DC01”

I ended up figuring out it is a domain account and managed to connect from a different question server to a random one using the netbios name.

It looks like AD isn’t coming up on the server that the question spawns for WINLPE-DC01 for some reason