Hi peeps, this might be one of the silliest modules in here and of course I’m stuck right with this one! Can somebody point me in the right direction pls?
After the xfreerdp connection I started searching inside the HTB-Academy folder finding a LOT of stuff.
Tried some stuff like a web shell in Tomcat, SMB connections with all emtpy shares.
Managed to get another connection to DEV01 via remmina but nothing interesting.
What am i missing? tia!

any luck figureing it out? I have a bunch of users and passwords at this point, some from kerbaroasting accounts etc.

no idea what to do from here.

Now that you have users and passwords, try them out on the machine you’re trying to get access to.

What ways can you perform remote authentication?

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nope, I kept going on with other modules in the meanwhile, but yeah still have to complete this last exercise of this module ._.

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Did you finish the module? I am don’t know what to do with all the password I found.