HTB Academy Windows Privilege Escalation Skills Assessment

Hello everybody,

i am stuck on the skills assessment part I of the Windows Privilege Escalation module. I have got a foothold on the target, yet can not escalate the privileges. I invested A LOT of time in this machine, tried all vectors presented in the module, with no success. Used different enumeration scripts, tried found vulns (again no success). I asked for help on Discord, but nobody was willing to help/explain. I know that there is some tiny detail I am missing but have no idea what it is. Please help.

After much to much time, I was able to successfully finish the module! If anyone who reads it, has problems or is stuck, feel free to ask/send pm.


Nice work bud! I am on the “Miscellaneous Techniques” section now. Each section seems to be getting harder and harder, so I may be reaching out if I need a nudge.

If your still around im on part 1 skills assesment. Stuck on getting the initial foothold.

tried a couple netcat oneliner commands for on the vulnerable ping webpage. and couple others but no luck so far.

got a tip on how am I supposed to exploit the remote command execution?

I’m around. Shoot me a Direct Message.

DMed you