Windows Privilege Escalation Skill Assessment - LDAPadmin

On the Windows Privilege Escalation module, the first skill assessment, the second question asks you to find the password for the “ldapadmin” account. Hint says it’s not on the host itself. I’ve scanned everything (I feel) with findstr and dir, with both the low-privileged and SYSTEM shells, no luck. Any pointers? This is literally the last question for me in the module :weary:

You ever figure it out?

Im also working on this module now.

If you happen to have a tip for the first question in “credential hunting” section

“Search the file system for a file containing a password. Submit the password as your answer.”

I found a file containing a password in the C:\Users\htb-student\Documents\

but its not accepted as the answer. Am I missing something or is this an error?

never mind ended up finding the right password realized there were many potential passwords.