Gobuster - Can't upgrade to v3

Hello everyone,
I’m having a problem of getting the newest gobuster version v3 (at the moment v3.5.0). When I follow the tutorial provided in the readme file:

  1. install go (has to be at least v 1.19 mine is 1.20)
  2. $ go install github.com/OJ/gobuster/v3@latest

The message I’m getting is that a version 2.0.1-1build2 is installed. When I run the command again and do:
$ sudo apt install gobuster
The output is that the newest version is alredy installed, that being 2.0.1-1build2.

Another thing is that I see 2 directoris in go/pkg/mod one with v3.5.0 and the other with v2.0.1+incompatible . I don’t know how to solve this, and I can’t find anyone on the internet having the same problem. (if there already is a discussion, please link it)

Thank you

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Seem to be running into the same thing, I think…lol anyone feel like helping helpin out this old gal?