I am having an issue with Three gobuster

Hey there, I am having an issue with Three gobuster
when i scan using gobuster cli there: gobuster vhost -w /usr/share/seclists/Discovery/DNS/subdomains-top1million-5000.txt -u http://thetoppers.htb
I never found s3.thetoppers.htb
otherwise i can finish all the tasks but why is isn’t find it
thank for any help

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So I have the same problem! hope they can fix it

Well I hope you understand me I don’t know how to speak and write in English but I use a translator… but I also have the same problem and have searched in forums and seen 10,000 youtuber videos I don’t know if it’s the virtual machine problem.

I believe its caused by the version of gobuster. try using “gobuster dns -w -d thetoppers.htb” instead


I already have the solution

This has solved the problem. Thank you!!