Problem with gobuster

I found gobuster is quite powerful with alot of options. But I always found it throwing out the error message when I run it more than 10 threats.
“Get url xxx, request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)”
And I use the medium word list in dirbuster directory. Another pain is it’s running really slow, even running in 10 threat, from the progress indication, in 1 minute it’s only running through 1%. So should I damp it to look for other directory enum tool, like dirb? or it could be improved through some tweak?


I’m having this same problem ever since I switched from using 64 bit Kali to a 32 bit Kali vm. If i increase the number of threads I get the same error message. It also runs painfully slow. I only switched to a 32 bit version of Kali to prepare for the OSCP since I heard it was better for buffer overflows. Did you ever figure out what the problem was?

What is the full command you are running? Also version of Gobuster. I’ve never had an issue and run gobuster with 40 threads for pretty much everything. Dirb is a great alternative while you are troubleshotting