Credential hunting in windows

Hi, I cleared all other questions but Im stuck in the following question.
What credentials does Bob use with WinSCP to connect to the file server? (Format: username:password, Case-Sensitive)

I think I’m supposed to transfer lazagne.exe to windows and execute.
But I’m not sure how to transfer it from linux to windows. Please help me.

rdesktop -r disk:<shared_folder_name>=<directory_to_share> -u Bob -p HTB_@cademy_stdnt!

Also having trouble with this specific question.

I’ve got all the answers for the rest of the questions except this one…

I transferred LaZagne to the target, ran it, and got WinSCP creds Bob:FSadmin123, yet i cant log in with it. not sure where else i can find the winscp creds…ive tried using all the methods taught in the section to find any files that could contain winscp creds and found nothing…please someone help