HTB Academy Credential Hunting in Windows

I’m having a hard time with the Login To HTB Academy & Continue Learning | HTB Academy activities
specifically the question “What is the GitLab access code Bob uses? (Format: Case-Sensitive)”

I opened the Firefox of the user Bob and found the password, i also ran lazagne to see if i missed a password. but the only password related to Git-lab is the one i found (the password even has Git in it) but no matter how i submit this password I’m always told its wrong. i tried checking for trailing spaces, adding trailing spaces, removing upper case letters but nothing has worked.

If access code and password are different things then i also don’t see that mentioned anywhere.

i don’t really know what else it could be so I’m kinda stuck, if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong any help would be appreciated.

Hello, the password in firefox (I assume it is Gitadmin123) is not an access code. You may try this command in cmd, spoiler: findstr /SIM /C:"GitLab" *.txt

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thanks you, that was it.

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how did you transfer lazagne to windows??

nvm solved it

use the +clipboard with xfreerdp

please help me, I stuck in WinSCP. what can i do?