PASSWORD ATTACK | ACADEMY - Credential Hunting in Linux

Hi everyone, I have been stuck now for a few hours in the “password attacks” academy in the “Credential Hunting in Linux” section. The question asks “Examine the target and find out the password of user Will. Then, submit the password as a response.”
In the hints it says: "
Sometimes, we will not have any initial credentials available, and as the last step, we will need to bruteforce the credentials to available services to get access. From other hosts on the network, our colleagues were able to identify the user “Kira”, who in most cases had SSH access to other systems with the password “LoveYou1”. We have already provided a prepared list of passwords in the “Resources” section for simplicity’s purpose."
I have tried connecting in ssh with Kira and LoveYou1 credentials but it doesn’t work, I also tried on SMB but nothing.
If I use the user and psw provided to me in the resources and try to bruteforce both ssh and smb it returns nothing. Or rather it finds me multiple passwords corresponding to 2 users that don’t work anyway (with msfconsole)…I don’t know what to do