CommandlineKings -- looking for new members


I recently decided to start a team named CommandlineKings and am looking for team members.

CommandlineKings is open for anyone who is: polite, honest, nice and willing to help others. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Noob or Omniscient. The goal is to make it to the top 100 some day.

If this appeals to you, then drop me a line and I’ll send you an invite.

add me

Hi guys, my name Jose, I’m from Tenerife, I’m willing to learn from others and help in everything I can.

add me :D:D

add me :slight_smile:

i’d be happy to try this


I’m up :smiley:

I’ll join if you’ll have me :smiley:

I was told that invites are hidden somewhere in your HtB settings (in HtB click on your avatar, upper right corner, settings).

Welcome everybody!

I’m willing to give it a go. Add me, if there is still room

Hi there! I’d like to join ?

I would like to join as well.

add me

count me in


I’ve sent invitations. Check your settings in HtB (upper right corner, click on your avatar)

Welcome everybody!

please add me

please add me

I’m in!

I am in.