Looking for teammates

Hi! I’m looking for teammates whom I can do htb boxes, teach and learn things with. I’m an Asian, if that matters. Thanks!

Here is my HTB profile: https://hackthebox.com/profile/339918
Discord: karakoa#9561

Edit: Added my Discord username

Hey! Wanna drop some contacts here?

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Hi! I’m sorry. Kinda new with this stuff. I have updated my post.

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No worries! You aren’t the only one afterall

I meant something i could use for contact. To my knowledge there is no DM on htb (Although that does exist here on the forums)

Added my discord username as well. Tbh, I just wanted to start clean, hence the new accounts. I used my previous handle for some not-so-good script kiddie stuff before (Sounds cringey, ■■■■ yeah haha)

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Alright i have no idea whats wrong with discord these days but its been tripping on me

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See you there bro!

Hi there both of you! I am kinda new to HTB and got not a lot of friends I can talk about this kind of stuff… I am from Canada and been into hacking since 2008. My Discord username is m4 or m4y0u or m4#7749. Discord been tripping on me too… Password issues, not sending txt msg, HTB identify failures and you name it! But I sorted one issue now having to ++identify for the third time with the same account and I get a faillure msg asking me to contact an admin… Seriously?! ■■■■…

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Feel free to add me!
Discord: mr7orpedo#0416

see you soon

I’m also Asian. And I’m looking for discord friends talking about security skills together. My discord naivebird#6671