Looking for a TEAM

Hello Hackers,
Im from #INDIA ,its been almost two months I am trying different machines on HTB, So far I have rooted 2 boxes, 1 challenge.
I would like to join a team, and learn more from other people.
If any Team needs a member, dont mind to send a Invitation.
#THANKS …!!!

Yes,i am also new on here and i need a team to learn more. I am this curious type of person who does not have impossible in my dictionary because i know the harder one push with the support of a team the better one gets. I really need a mentor who will guide me through few other things i find challenging on my ways up

we can join a team after we reach hacker level , :slight_smile:

~#bash AlphaPwner.bash
Hello, I’m recruiting to my team AlphaPwner. We are new team, im looking for active players. We have DC channel where we can communicate (text only).We are open for new players in our team If u want know more u can write to me.

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