Looking for a Team

Hi guys I am relatively new here but I am pretty confident that I am gonna stay for some time.I was a hobby hacker (yada yada yada) for some years then stopped for some time due to school, army and a CS degree. I have checked the cyber security field in the past year and its more colorful and interesting than ever.Since then I have been sucked into my computer rediscovering my passion

Anyway I am now looking for a team and have lots of time (I want to get into this full time).

How I would advertise myself:
Eager to learn
Happy to help with anything I may be fit for.
Can adapt to most situations.

I can offer you a place in my team, I think you meet the requirements, have certain knowledge and spend some time everyday. We are two members at the moment. If you like to join the team send me a message.

I’m looking for some equipment too, in case it fits.

Hi ShellInt0x80, I’m going to send you an invitation to the team now.