Box to Box networking (proxying)

In a few videos I see Ippsec using a box he’d rooted before as a proxy. When I attempt to do the same I get “No route to host” errors when running simple curls. I’ve checked the destination IP, that its up, etc. Is there some additional step I need to take to get it working? For what its worth I’m trying to go from Nibbles ( to Sense (


Hmm… I can’t recall a specific instance of this right off. Do you have a specific video you are thinking of? I haven’t done this specific scenario. If you share some more information on how you are trying to set this up that would be helpful. Are both boxes running? Can Nibbles reach Sense? (Try a ping and or curl request.)

Here’s the video I’m discussing. He gets IP banned at the timestamp and work thru another box he compromised before to work around it.

Ah so SSH dynamic forwarding and proxychains. Did you configure proxychains and are you prefixing curl with proxychains?

I confirmed they were both up, then I ssh’d into the compromised box and attempted a CURL to the target box.

I also don’t think I’m supposed to be allowed to standup 2 boxes at the same time. With the old UI you appear to be able to do it, with the new UI it explicitly states you can’t. I’m not sure if that’s a VIP+ feature or what.

To clarify, you can curl from Nibbles to Sense but, you can’t curl through the proxychains?

Can you send your proxychains config and the command you ran?