Responder not working on HTB network

Hey guys, looking for some advice on getting Responder to work through the VPN connection.

When running it I’ve always gotten:

“Listening for events …”

But never gotten any hashes. I assumed this was normal until someone told me otherwise.

I specify the interface as tun0

I might be wrong here, but I wouldn’t have thought it would work here. There isn’t likely to be much authentication traffic hitting your box unless you can get someone to do something which causes that to happen.

For example, on one of the boxes you can use a bit of injection-fu to make it talk to an SMB share on your machine which allows responder to capture hashes.

Not sure that anything useful would come from the Linux machines though.

I thought the same thing originally. I believe we’re talking about the same box. This probably isn’t a big deal.

Thanks for your reply!