Cannot access box website by hostname

At this point I’m 90% sure it’s because of my home network setup but I don’t know what is it. I can ping the box, using nmap to scan for open port, can access the website via its ip, but when I add its hostname to my /etc/hosts or requests with the correct Host header the request hang for like 5 mins and give me a 502 Proxy error. Should I change any setting on the router firewall like open port 1337 for the vpn or what? I’m hardly change any firewall setting ever since I brought it.

What i have try:

  • Reset the box.
  • Changing my vpn from udp to tcp.
  • Use VIP+ to create my own instance of the box.
  • nslookup -debug mentorquotes.htb and tracepath mentorquotes.htb, both can connect to the box.
  • GET /randompath got response with 404, GET /validpath do got reponse with 200, this bug only affect GET /
  • Create a fresh ubuntu server vm and try to curl it (not working).
  • Can’t ssh to the box either (got hang).
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You answered your own question man in like 15 min. lol.

I just solved it by revert my vm to the latest snapshot. why? how? what??? black fuckery magic that is. Hope no soul got the same problem as I do.

Yep, there’s no doubt about it. You’re crazy.