Heya, I download all downloadable challenges and save them to my own box in my HTB directory so I can complete them and check them out as and when I wish without having to constantly log into the site.

Anyway, I am really struggling with VMcrack, I have been struggling with it ever since Auguest (probably a month or so after actually as it took me a while to get round to). S, without giving anything major away, can someone give me some sort of clue or a clue as to where to look e.g Ghidra(?) etc. I have noticed it’s obviously hex based but it’s been a while now and it’s really playing on my mind Lol.

Any and all help will be grately appreciated, I very rarely post up on here so I do appreciate any feedback. Maybe I’ll contribute back myself in the future.

Not sure what you mean by hex based, but probably the place to start is throwing it in windbg. Think malware.

I started this last weekend and am making progress

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