Easy boxes

Okay, so I am a noob that recently joined HTB(not to recently though). I am struggling with most boxes, but figured out a few. I’m simply asking which ones I should try out. Which ones are easy? the easiest ones? thx :slight_smile:

The points assigned to each box is based on its difficulty so yes try the ones with the least points and work your way up
You could try some of the web challenges as well

Thanks for the tips :D, already did a web challenge.

Jerry is by far the easiest active box right now. You can do that one no problem I promise.
Web challenges are great practice, you know exactly what you are working with.
Crypto is kinda nifty too!

What I just recently did was purchase a month of VIP so I could access the retired boxes and follow along with ippsecs walkthroughs so I could get a better grasp on things.
If you go this route, look at the retired box “Lame”. It was one of the first machines and very easy, and very fun too for a newbie.

From there just keep learning, understanding the methodology you are using, and just keep trying more and more machines.

Jerry was super easy, even I agree there. However I’ve done like 3 or 4 boxes(can’t remember), only 2 roots I believe. Doing challenges atm, doing my third one :slight_smile:

Think I’m learning, rooted Sunday, any advice on which box to do next? Tried bounty, however it seems to be quite difficult (can’t seem to figure out how to upload a file)

In my point of view Poison is the next easiest (after Jerry)!

I’ve taken som courses on udemy from Zaid Sabih(zsecurity) if anyone knows that name (good courses), are there any other courses or materials you guys would recommend me, I would really appreciate it! I can’t afford an OSCP yet, but I’m planning on getting that :slight_smile: