Trouble pinging target machine in HTB Academy

Hi, I’m doing a module in HTB Academy and got to a part where I need to use some web enumeration techniques on a target machine. Problem is I can’t even ping it. I was initially trying from my own terminal but it wasn’t working. Then I decided to use Pwnbox and couldn’t ping it either. The target doesn’t require a vpn key as well, at least doesn’t show one to download next to the cheatsheet, so I don’t know what’s missing here. Can anyone help with this issue?

have you downloaded and run the opvpn file? or are you using pwn box?

It didn’t have an ovpn file to download next to it, but I used an ovpn file from another module. Neither worked so I tried using pwnbox and it still didn’t work

I guess try a different browser or server I get disconnected from mine constantly