Target machine not pingable from pwnbox

How the heck I am able to connect to the target machine through RDP but I am not able to ping it? I mean the vpn seems to be already set up.
The target machine has an IP address of
The pwnbox has an IP of for the tun0 adapter.

The routing seems correct: via dev tun0

I should be able to get to the target machine network but for some reason, I can not even ping it.

The problem I found it in the lab of Windows Fundamentals module: NFTS vs Share Permissions. But then I realized that in any of the sections the target system (a windows workstation) is not accessible from any protocol which is not RDP (which makes me think the problem is not the vpn). Right now I am stuck with this, I can not continue the labs. I have not found any thread on the forum from anybody that documents this issue with a clear solution and it would be nice because sure I am not the only one facing this issue.

Thanks in advance for the help

Did you ever get this figured out?