Can't ping or scan targets

Hello Everyone,
First I apologize if this is not the correct place to post. I am going through the academy a the moment. When I spawn the pwnbox and the target I can’t ping or scan either. I have 100 percent packet loss. Nmap just says the host isn’t responding. The VPN log says it’s connected. Anyone ever run into this issue. I do have a VIP+ membership.
Thanks in advance

So its complex to know how to answer this without more detail.

Just to confirm:

  • you are in the pwnbox for the academy class you are working on
  • you have followed the academy instructions to start the target
  • the academy guide has given you the target IP address

If that is all correct then its worth troubleshooting the network flow.

Start with traceroute to the target IP address - this should show where the packets are failing.

I am having the same issue. I am currently doing the Attacking Web Applications with ffuf module in the academy. I got through he subdirectory part without issue, could easily fuzz any of the IPs/Ports, but when i get to the dns section and it steps you through fuzzing the subdomains of it fails every time I try, am i supposed to be able to do this from within the pwnbox?

Steps i’ve taken:

added ip address for to etc hosts
tried to ping, google, all fail.
traceroute fails to every site and IP address.
ifconfig/ip a shows tun0 connected to
if I go back in the module an load a machine, i can connect to that without issue. If i resolve it in etc hosts to academy.htb that works fine too.

I’m probably just going to do the ffuf fuzz of in my kali box as that works completely fine.

Not sure whats going on but i hope i find a way to fix it soon cause pwnbox is much more convenient than connecting my kali to vpn.

@Jier said:

traceroute fails to every site and IP address.

Where does traceroute fail? What IP address does it go to?

Most of the applications aren’t binary “work|notWork” system, they have content in their failure and error messages. This content is essential for troubleshooting as, without it, there is no way to even guess where the problem is.

Does pwnbox normally allow connectivity to the internet? If not google & will always fail.


Never mind, I’ve seen your other thread.