sudo su and sudo -i issues

If someone could help me, this morning I started to experience this issue on may local parrot machine when wanted to do

sudo su
sudo -i

##error I get:

sudo su
[sudo] password for snake:
su: failed to execute /usr/bin/pkexec —> Linux4.10_to_5.1.17(CVE-2019-13272)/rhel_6(CVE-2011-1485): No such file or directory

To mention that

sudo -s
is working.

Thanks in advance

I guess the first step would be reading the output “No such file or directory” e.g. confirming pkexec is accessible via your PATH. I would also try changing to a directory that doesn’t have parenthesis in the name, I’m not an expert in bash but I have had problems in the past where those parenthesis get interpreted by bash as a subshell.

Yes pkexec is accessible via PATH, and it has SUID permissions.
I have not changed anything, this all happened by itself.